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Hair Patch Service

Best Hair Patch in Pune
Hair patch is a cap-shaped patch made up of natural hair which is used to cover the bald area. Hair patch is the best and affordable treatment for hair loss. When hair growth is not possible from medicines and a person can’t afford to go for hair transplantation, hair patch is the safest and easiest solution.

Difference between hair wig and patch
The main difference between these two is the area covered by them. A hair wig covers the entire scalp. When the wig is applied on the scalp, the hair on the scalp is completely removed and thereafter wig is applied. Hair patch just covers only a small bald area of the scalp. While applying hair patch on the required area, the natural hair on the scalp is not removed but possibly some cutting is done according to the need.

Hair wig and patch color, shape, and quality
Color: Hair wig/patch is available in 3 colors. Light brown, dark brown and black
Shape: Hair wig/patch comes in many shapes.
According to the size of the scalp, different kinds of hair wigs/patches are selected.
Quality: Hair wig/hair patch is available in varied quantities. The cost of a quality

Hair Patch in Pune
Hair Patch in Pune
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